eruption of the soul


Daily Drawing 05/19/14


Book of Circus Vol.1 Side Story by Yana Toboso
Edited And Scanned By Me


i just realized i’ve never drawn ramiel before

Anonymous asked: do you see bokuto and kuroo being those nerds who get glow in the dark condoms and laugh about it?


Then they have sword fights in the dark wearing the condoms

Anonymous asked: iwaizumi getting angry-jealous when girls flirt with oikawa and then oikawa teases him about it because he thinks it is cute but later iwaizumi ~*punishes ;)*~ him in the bedroom for being a flirt


I love jelly Iwa


Ever wanted to see a secretary bird make out with a lammergeier? Nah, me neither. 


Here are a couple of sample images from both FORBIDDEN BIRD BOY LOVE ~Eden~ and FORBIDDEN BIRD BOY LOVE ~Paradice Reguined~ or, as the cover puts it, “BL of the bird, by the bird, for the bird.”

I’m not going to scan either of them more than this, because the creators were nice enough to make them available for international buyers to purchase (here) and (here). (Oops, the first one is sold out.)

It’s mostly short cute stories with totally accurate depictions of birds; I can identify most of the species visually, and it’s weird shit like nightjars and gay penguins and swallows and burrowing owl x king vulture and kiwi x ostrich and all that sort of shit. A+ would buy again.


its ok rei everyone still loves u (i love u)