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If you’re going to buy from the amazing Sweet Soul Shop, you can use the code ”Petitepasserine” for 10% off orders over 50$! 

Hello, friends! ; 7 ; Today I’ll be reviewing these gorgeous shoes that the lovely Mina from Sweet Soul Shop sponsored me as a birthday present! 

✧First of all, Mina is a total sweetheart and she’s super duper helpful! I had a lot of questions regarding the sizes, but she’s very patient and helps you with figuring out what you need and want. So the customer service was top notch and I couldn’t wish for better treatment than what I received! 

✧ The shoes themselves are beyond amazing. They’re quite tall so you might want to keep that in mind if you’re not used to walk in high heels! They’re very comfortable and even if the heels are as high as they are, the strap around the ankles really helps balancing it out. These straps are also removable if you want more simple, wedged pumps! The colours are just lovely and the pink is a really warm but neutral tone. I love them to bits and I’m super excited about them ahh! ; //// ; 

✧I should also mention that the prices on Sweet Soul  Shop are very fair and affordable. What I see from a lot of Storenvy stores is that the prices are often very high no matter what the product is, but Sweet Soul Shop sells amazing, high-quality products for gyaru, fairy kei, lolita and cult party kei for very sweet and affordable prices, and their shoes are seldomly more than 30$! 

✧ They arrived safe and sound in a compact box. There were no scratches or mishappenings to be seen, and considering they were sent all the way from Australia to Norway, shipping was fast and pretty predictable! 

To summarise, I’m as happy as can be with everything from customer service to the product itself! I strongly recommend having a look at the Sweet Soul Shop store for a huge selection of adorable shoes, accessories and clothes for your japanese fashion closet! <3 Thank you so so much for the lovely gift, Mina, I adoooore it! ; ___ ; <3 

If you’re going to buy from the amazing Sweet Soul Shop, you can use the code ”Petitepasserine” for 10% off orders over 50$! 


ohh I’m so sorry about the quality, the light was really off eugh  ; - ; I really wanna invest in a shorter pink wig soon!


Quest: Make Kookaburra the next Bubblegum Cottoncandy, and ruin his socks.

Shoutout to @spoopyweenielladyllivi for the tag inspiration. Kätzchen is German for kitten, apparently.


every day is a day for some sweet, sweet apple treats ꒰๑•‧̮ૣ•ૣ๑꒱



Futuristic Animation PSDs Pack
by thejacketslut

  • contains 11 monochromatic and 8 colorful editable animation PSDs
  • like the post if you download ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  • credit isn’t necessary but very much appreciated
  • TUTORIAL on how to use the PSDs on images and gifs under read more

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Imagine person A of your OTP trying to be sexy and kissing down person B’s neck, only to find out that B is extremely ticklish.