eruption of the soul


//so, Kuroo and I have been doing this kuroken yakuza AU on skype for… well forever and this is how we ended. I will never get over this.

Anonymous asked: fic recs for every haikyuu ship you ship?


omg are u serious i could just cry

ok so i made a kagehina and asanoya post a while back but i’m just gonna list them all here and keep updating this post every time i feel like there needs to be an addition. plus my opinions kinda changed so well.

i dont usually read ongoing fics btw cause i’m impatient and cannot handle waiting for updates.

and while we’re at it, let me just say that i’m very angry about the fact that there are a) such few kuroken fics out there - kuroken is my haikyuu otp, and b) there are like zero good quality kenhina fics like GUYS WHY but here you go anon:

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Anonymous asked: mookie have you drawn bokuto from hq yet? i'd love to see him in your style


that hair >o<


available at ax this year, table i31



i’m gonna rub your fuzzy head so hard….  


if having 10 anime boyfriends is wrong then i don’t want to be right